Treadmill Repair Questions


Treadmill Repair Questions

Treadmill Equipment Questions

Treadmill Repair Questions Answered

What types of service do you provide?

We repair and install treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines and other fitness and exercise equipment found in both commercial and home gyms.

Will I need to bring my machine to you?

No, it is much easier for us to come to you then it is for you to bring the machine to us! All work is performed at your machine’s location.


Will I need to wait all day for a technician to arrive?

Not at all! We can schedule a day and time that is convenient for you. We allow a one hour window, with a courtesy call 20-30 minutes before the technician arrives. If you need more notice than that, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


Is it worth it to repair a treadmill?

Usually yes. A lot depends on how happy you are with your current machine. Usually if you need to replace a part it will be less than $200. A new treadmill can be 10 times as much.


Can treadmills be fixed?

This is probably the most popular among Treadmill Repair Questions. Absolutely. Most parts and components can be replaced with little mechanical knowledge. As long as you diagnose the problem correctly.


Do you keep parts in stock?

We keep a limited amount in stock, but are not able to maintain a full inventory due to the wide range of machines we service. In the event you need parts, we will let you know the exact part number needed and can install it when it arrives.


How much does it cost to replace the motor on my treadmill?

Treadmill motors usually run between $100 to $200 for the part and $50 to $100 for labor to install.

What does a slipping belt sound like?

Belt Noise
As these belts wear out, they can begin to squeak or squeal. They make noise because there is not enough tension on the belt, or because the pulleys are misaligned or weak. Often, simply changing the belt will make it stop squealing. The noise isn’t usually a danger, though it does sound alarming.


Why does my treadmill stop suddenly? Your treadmill stopping suddenly can be caused by a motor or circuit board overheating.


Why does my treadmill belt slip?

Your treadmill belt can slip because the walking belt is too loose. You need to tighten it to fix the problem.


Why is my treadmill is squeaking?

A squeaking treadmill can be caused by a number of things such as: a drive belt, a front or rear roller needing lubrication, or loose frame bolts needing tightening.


Do treadmill motors need oil?

No, you aren’t supposed to lubricate most treadmill motors.


How can I service my treadmill at home?

The most important things you can do at home is:

1) Lubricate under the walking belt. Check your user manual to find out what lubricant to use.

2) Keep your walking belt centered on the deck.


What is the life expectancy of a treadmill?

Treadmills can last well over 10 years although a lot depends on maintenance such as keeping the deck lubricated, which makes it last much longer.





treadmill repair questions
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Treadmill Equipment Questions

Can treadmills go outside?

Treadmills can go outside but the dust and sun will drastically reduce the condition of the machine.


Can treadmills overheat?

Treadmills can overheat if there is too much resistance on the walking belt from the belt being too tight.


Can treadmills go on carpet?

Treadmills can go on carpet but it should be vacuumed underneath often.


Should I put my treadmill in the garage?

Certainly placing the treadmill in the garage accelerates the accumulation of debris within the belt and motor, which increases the amount of damage that occurs to these and adjacent parts. If you place your treadmill in your garage, at the very least, place a treadmill mat underneath it and try to keep it clean when the machine isn’t in use.


What treadmills use iFit?

ProForm, Sole, NordicTrack, FreeMotion, and Reebok all use iFit.


Which treadmills have Netflix?

It is possible to stream Netflix on some treadmills but you must use a workaround.

 Treadmill Repair Questions
Treadmill Repair Questions

Which treadmills are the best?

The following are some of the top treadmills: NordicTrack, ProForm, Horizon, Sole, Nautilus, Freemotion, Reebok, and HealthRider.


Which treadmills have the best cushioning?

My picks (not in any order) Bowflex Treadmill 10, NordicTrack Commercial Series, Sole F63, and Horizon 7.8 AT.


Which treadmills are best for running?

Peloton, Echelon, NordicTrack, and Bowflex are some of the best treadmills for running.


Who sells treadmills?

Treadmills are sold in stores like Dick’s sporting goods, and Big 5, along with


Who fixes treadmills?

I would suggest using Google and checking the reviews. In the Fresno area Treadmill Repair Fresno is your go to company.


Will treadmill help increase stamina?

Treadmills will give you the same health benefits as walking or jogging outside.


Can treadmills go upstairs?

Yes, although if it is already assembled, you will probably need to remove the right and left masts, or arms, and the console in order to fit it through the doorway.


Can treadmills be kept in a garage?

Yes they can be kept in a garage but you should clean the deck often.


Are treadmills loud?

All things considered, treadmills can be very loud depending on the actual machine and the type of surface it is on. One way to lessen the noise is to use a quality mat underneath.


Are treadmills good for weight loss?

As a matter of fact, treadmills are one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can use to help lose weight.


Why is my treadmill belt slipping/hesitating?

This is usually from a loose walking belt. Check the manufacturer website for instructions to tighten the belt on your machine. If this is something you want to do yourself but aren’t sure, give us a call or text. We are more than happy to talk you through it. No charge. Or we can schedule a service call.


What to do if treadmill stops working?

Firstly, make sure the machine is plugged into a working outlet (you should see the power switch, near where the cord connects to the machine, light up if it is getting power). Then make sure the safety key is attached correctly.

My machine displays an error code. What does it mean?

Every manufacturer has their own set of error codes. Check the manufacturer website to download instructions for your machine. You can find most user manuals at, or you can call or text us and we will be happy to help as much as possible!


What causes a treadmill to stop working?

There are many possibilities why treadmills stop working. It can be electrical, like a circuit board or even a blown fuse. It could be a lack of lubrication which limits the amount of friction between the platform and belt. When the friction increases to a certain point, the machine is automatically set to power off.


How many miles should a treadmill last?

The data continues to show that these treadmills average less than 1000 miles per year. With manufacturers boasting up to 10K or more miles of life before part failure, a well built light commercial treadmill should easily reach 10 years of quality operation with proper care and maintenance as referenced above.


How can you tell if a treadmill belt is worn out?

Run your hand along the underside and top to check for signs of excessive wear. This may come in the form of discoloration or extreme smoothness. Discoloration for most treadmill belts will seem dark, almost black. And if some areas are too smooth, then it may be a sign that you need a treadmill belt replacement. Also check for fine black dust as well as the edges of the belts curling up.


How do you tell if your treadmill deck is worn out?

Run your hand along the underside and top to check for signs of excessive wear. This may come in the form of discoloration or extreme smoothness. Discoloration for most treadmill belts will seem dark, almost black.


Are treadmill belts Universal?

Are treadmill belts universal? Treadmill belts are not universal. The main issue is that belt sizes vary from treadmill to treadmill, so you can’t be sure if a belt that wasn’t made for your specific treadmill make and model will work



Can you use wd40 on treadmill?

You always want to use a lubricant that is specifically for treadmills, and never products like WD-40 or any type of oil. Using the wrong lubricant can damage your treadmill belt. Many treadmill manufacturers suggest using 100% silicone, which can be found as a spray or liquid.





Treadmill Assembly Questions


Treadmill Repair Questions

Treadmill Assembly Questions

How much does it cost to get a new treadmill assembled?

It usually costs anywhere from $99 to $149 to assemble a new treadmill. At Treadmill Repair Fresno we charge $99 to assemble your treadmill in any ground level room or garage.


Why should I pay you to assemble my new treadmill?

Our assemblers are contracted with the largest manufacturers, and are factory trained and experienced in treadmill assembly and repair.