Exercise Equipment Maintenance

Exercise Equipment Maintenance

Is a pretty simple and inexpensive way to prolong the useful life of treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, bikes, and home gyms. At Treadmill repair Fresno we offer expert equipment maintenance services near you. Our experienced technicians are well-equipped to handle various types of fitness equipment, ensuring they are in peak condition. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment and keep your exercise equipment running smoothly for years to come.

The Significance of Exercise Equipment Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to maximize the lifespan and functionality of exercise equipment. Neglecting maintenance can lead to various issues, such as decreased performance, increased safety risks, and costly repairs. By implementing a proactive maintenance routine, you can prevent these problems and ensure optimal performance. Routine maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and calibration, among other tasks. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance intervals and procedures to maintain the warranty validity.

Local Expert Exercise Equipment Maintenance and Repair Near Me
Exercise Equipment Maintenance and Repair Near Me

If you need fitness equipment maintenance done on your equipment just call or text us at (559)216-5392 and arrange an appointment.

Why is fitness equipment maintenance important?

A well-maintained machine will not only provide the best workout possible to a customer but also reduce the chance of injury. At Treadmill Repair Fresno we are here to help.

Is WD-40 good for gym equipment?

Most people have a can of WD-40 kicking around the house. It is often the go-to solution for squeaky doors and other various home uses. However, it is not a good idea to use it as a fitness equipment lubricant. We strongly recommend you avoid using it on a treadmill, elliptical, or any other type of exercise equipment.

Which oil is used for gym machines?

Most fitness equipment manufacturers recommend using 100 percent silicone lubricants.

What fitness equipment requires the most maintenance?

The treadmill has quite a few parts and requires the most maintenance. The maintenance steps include cleaning the deck/motor cover, testing the stop button, vacuuming, checking lubrication, testing the belt tension, and tightening all nuts and bolts.

When should I apply treadmill lubricant?

Under normal use, you should lubricate the device every three months, or every 130 hours of operation. If you use your treadmill more intensely, check more often to determine if maintenance is necessary. Don’t wait until you hear squeaking or some other sound that would indicate unwanted friction.

What is one common type of maintenance for all exercise equipment?

One common type of Exercise Equipment Maintenance is the periodic tightening of nuts and bolts.

How often should gym equipment be maintained?

How Often Should I Service Gym Equipment? Servicing of gym equipment should be carried out at least once per year. If the gym has a high footfall, it may be necessary to undertake this more often. General maintenance and cleaning, should be done on a daily basis to maintain hygiene and health & safety standards.

What is the lifespan of gym equipment?

With regular use, the average piece of fitness equipment should last between seven and twelve years. However, it may not last that long with excessive use and if it is not properly maintained. It may exceed its lifespan with regular maintenance and if used sparingly.

What do I do if i need a treadmill repaired?

We can repair any exercise equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, and homegyms usually for $99.

What are the three types of equipment maintenance?

The Three Types of Maintenance

  • Corrective Maintenance.
  • Preventative Maintenance.
  • Predictive Maintenance.

Can I use Clorox wipes on gym equipment?

Cleaning and disinfecting your weights

Did you know free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet? Our Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes are a quick and easy way to keep your weights clean, sanitized and ready for the next workout. Just wipe them down and let air dry after each session.

Can I use Lysol wipes on gym equipment?

To sanitize free weights and benches, simply wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe after you use them or spray them with a disinfectant like Lysol. Make sure they completely dry before using them again since the cleanser needs time to kill the bacteria, plus they’ll be a little slippery.

Can you use WD40 on gym equipment?

Most people have a can of WD-40 kicking around the house. It is often the go-to solution for squeaky doors and other various home uses. However, it is not a good idea to use it as a fitness equipment lubricant. We strongly recommend you avoid using it on a treadmill, elliptical, or any other type of exercise equipment.

What happens to old gym equipment?

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Whether you have decided not to exercise that way anymore or you are planning to upgrade to newer equipment, you have to dispose of the old stuff properly. Your likely options are to give it away, sell it, have it recycled, or donate it.

How many years does an elliptical last?

10-20 years

Longevity of Cardio Equipment

Treadmills:Expected life span: 7-12 years
Ellipticals:Expected life span: 10-20 years
Stationary Bikes:Expected life span: 10-20 years
Rowers:Expected life span: Up to a lifetime

How do you disinfect exercise equipment?

To sanitize weight benches, bars, and weights, wipe them down before and after each use with a disinfectant wipe. If you don’t want to use a commercial disinfectant, you can sanitize workout equipment with vodka, rubbing alcohol, or distilled white vinegar.

What do you wipe down a treadmill with?

Exercise Bikes, Treadmills, Ellipticals, and Rowing Machines

  1. Use sanitizing wipes or microfiber fiber dampened with a disinfectant spray or sanitizing solution to gently remove dirt, dust, stains, fingerprints, etc.
  2. Avoid spraying directly on the surface as it can cause damage, especially to cardio equipment.

What chemical is used to clean gym equipment?

Quaternary ammonia is ideal as it doesn’t pose a risk to humans or exercise machines. However, some quaternary ammonia solutions require a wet surface for upwards of 10 minutes in order for disinfection to occur. Some of the newer versions of quaternary ammonia disinfect in as little as a couple of minutes.

What is the best way to clean gym mats?

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Remove any loose dirt or debris from your mat by sweeping or using a suction vacuum. Using warm water and one of the sanitizing products listed above, create a mixture to disinfect the mat. Use a large, damp microfiber mop or a mat scrubbing machine to wipe down your mat. Allow the mat to air dry before use.

What lubricant can I use on my treadmill?

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You’ll need to purchase 100-percent silicone lubricants. Non-silicone lubricants such as WD40 contain additives that could potentially damage the belt. Fasulo advises getting a bottle with an extendable nozzle, such as Spot On Treadmill Lubricant or Godora Treadmill Lubricant.

What are the disadvantages of silicone spray?

Silicone is hard to get off and can build up on your skin, leading to acne. It can especially cause irritations for people who have sensitive skin and cause your skin to become even more sensitive. If you are acne-prone and oily, using silicone-based products will make it even worse.

Can you use WD-40 silicone spray on treadmills?

Lubricate your treadmill

You can lift the belt strip, and apply a light spray of WD-40® High Performance Silicone Lubricant to the underside surface. Next, re-tighten the belt, and allow the treadmill to run on a low speed, so the product is distributed throughout the whole surface.

What is the difference between silicone spray and lubricant?

The main difference between silicone spray and dry lubricant is that silicone spray is water repellent, whereas dry lubricant is not water repellent. Silicone Spray contains silicone, whereas dry lubricant contains PTFE.

When should you not use silicone lubricant?

But as good as silicone-based lubricants are, there are still some limitations to their use under certain circumstances. Silicone lubes cannot be used alongside silicone sex toys, as the mixture between the two silicone products will cause the toy’s material to swell, deform, and become gritty over time.

Which is better WD-40 or silicone spray?

Silicone spray is best used on rubber parts like slide seals. I use WD-40 (or PB Blaster) on metal parts but it will dry up and evaporate in a couple of hours. Silicone spray is best used on rubber parts like slide seals. I use WD-40 (or PB Blaster) on metal parts but it will dry up and evaporate in a couple of hours.

Can you use silicone spray as lube?

Silicone spray is a highly effective lubricant for a wide array of vehicle and household applications. It’s ideal for lubricating surfaces that may be damaged by conventional lubricants such as grease or oil, and it also helps prevent the cracking and drying of rubber and locks out moisture.

Can you put too much silicone on a treadmill?

Can I overlubricate my treadmill? Yes, you most certainly can! Start small, you can always add more. Overlubrication can cause a number of issues. First, the excess lube will be flung out from under your belt at high speeds, your carpet, walls, and anything surrounding your machine could become soaked with silicone.

What if I need something assembled?

Treadmill Repair Fresno is the company to call for assembly or relocation of all types of fitness equipment including treadmills, steppers, rowers, ellipticals, and complete home gyms.

What is the difference between silicone oil and silicone spray?

Silicone lubricant can be used in the forms of an oil, which is non-reactive to most substances, maintains it’s greasiness in extreme temperature conditions and does not oxidize, or a silicone spray which is not only water resistant, but also allows you to lubricate those hard to reach places.

Should I cover my treadmill when not in use?

If you place your treadmill in your garage, at the very least, place a treadmill cover on it when the machine isn’t in use. Clean the garage thoroughly before setting up the treadmill and place it on a mat. This will help to reduce the amount of debris that makes it into the treadmill.

Is it better to walk on a treadmill with or without shoes?

It is recommended to always wear running shoes whilst using the treadmill whether you are walking, running or sprinting. Treadmills are high impact machines so wearing shoes on the treadmill will help protect your lower body joints as your shoes absorb most of the impact from each step.